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Living in Dallas Fort Worth

Dated: June 5 2020

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The real estate industry has witnessed astronomical growth in the US in recent times, especially in Dallas, Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area). This is partly credited to the friendly and loving nature of the people of Dallas and several other benefiting factors. But what specifically makes DFW such a great place to live?

Dallas Fort Worth Area

The Dallas Fort Worth area is a metroplex, designated as Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington under the auspices of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Also, Dallas Fort Worth is a metropolitan area in the State of Texas which constitutes 11 counties. All of which makes it an economic and cultural hotspot in North Texas. Amongst other things, residents refer to this area as the Metroplex, or DFW.

Population Study of Dallas

The populations of DFW as recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau's 2019 stood at 7,573,136, making this area the most populous metropolitan area both in Texas as well as in the Southern United States. Furthermore, this area surveyed to be the fourth largest in the U.S as well as the tenth largest in the Americas. 2016 saw the Metroplex rose to the first spot in terms of population growth in the U.S when it comes to year-over-year population growth.

Texas and Culture

When we talk of states in the U.S characterized by a rich history, it is practically impossible to look past Texas. This US state isn’t only rich in culture but also rich with people who have been able to come together and create a conducive and electric environment to live in. All of which is testament to numerous visitors DFW receives year after year. Amongst many others, the Dallas Fort Worth area includes:

  • The booming "Cowtown" credited to its rich and successful cattle industry

  • The contemporary "Metroplex"

All of which are credited to not just its development, but to the fact that Fort Worth is one of, if not the most developed cities in the west in terms of industrialization and technology. A city bestowed and blessed with so much industrial and technological development has a knack of being a hotspot for both locals and foreigners alike. Most who are visiting get a taste of what DFW has to offer and those who reside in DFW permanantly are happy to call it home.

Amongst the benefits associated with living in this area, there are more than just opportunities to enjoy. All of which is evident with Forbes ranking the DFW area second on its list in 2015 as the “Best Cities for Jobseekers. In addition, the WalletHub also ranks DFW third among the "Large Cities with the Fastest-Growing Economies"

New Home Constructions in DFW

With all the positive vibes associated with the DFW, its real estate market isn’t left behind. The area comes with successfully developed, mainstream builders like Antares Homes, Riverside Homebuilders, Cheldan Homes and others. Most of whom provide homes for people based on their financial strength, ranging between the mid-100s to the mid-700s.

If you enjoy a rich, vibrant culture, booming with new construction homes, there are a lot of reasons why DFW Texas might be calling your name. Homes with contemporary designs, open plan concepts and location appeal are skyrocketing in DFW.


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